Ways To Upgrade Your Master Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. You spend the majority of your time in this room. It is a space where we go to recharge ourselves, to relax after a long day. The design for this room is important to make you feel comfortable emotionally and physically.


The first and most important thing to consider when you redesign your bedroom is how much natural light enters the room. Natural light determines the colours and the feel of the room. Almost all bedrooms in Ireland have ceiling lighting. It is important to have these as they give light to the entire room. For simplicity and functionality, recessed ceiling spot lights are perfect. Having suspended pendants above your bedside lockers will give an unexpected elegance to the room immediately.

Central bedroom lighting offers bright light that can irritate your eyes. Consider the installation of dimmers of this as it will customise the look of your bedroom lighting. Bedside lamps are the obvious option, but if you are a reader it is essential to get a lamp with a large shade to brighten up the area where you are reading.  Adjustable wall-mounted reading lights is the perfect lighting option for book lovers. You can get them in small sizes and different finishes so they wouldn’t interrupt the design for the rest of your room. They are great if the room is dark as you can adjust it to focus on your book.


Ask yourself how you will use the space and what your needs are for this space. A very important thing to consider when you are redesigning your bedroom is the furniture you are going to have there. The main feature furniture in this room is the most obvious- the bed. The bed is the main focal point of the room so picking a dramatic headboard is essential. Having a large headboard would not only look great but it would be a smart choice if you have it upholstered. It would provide a soft back for sitting, reading or watching TV.

If a large headboard isn’t what you would like in your bedroom consider what is going on that wall above the bed. It could be just a large mirror that would enlarge and brighten up the space. A wall paint detail, panelling or artwork gives contrast to the room.


As a designer I believe colour is the most important part of design in any space. Choosing the right colour for your room will evoke your emotions. As mentioned before it is a space for relaxation so the best colour choices for this room should be soothing and calm. Neutral colours would be a safe choice for this. Neutral colours lighten up the room and there are many choices for this as whites and greys come in different tones, from warm to cooler shades. Pastels are great in this criteria as they are soft and relaxing, giving a good night sleep.

The bedroom is also a very personal space. If you believe neutral colours aren’t quirky enough for you, you can go for a wild colour that would put you in a good energetic mood. Deep bold colours are perfect for this as they would look amazing and would give you a feeling of cosiness and safety.