Upgrade Your Home With Lighting

We all need a change time to time, upgrading your home would be the main thing to come to mind. Lighting can change the feel, sense of space and mood of your home instantly so getting it right from the start is essential.

Good lighting would bring great differences between a beautiful, bright and elegant home, and a dark and dreary one. Choosing the right level of lighting reveals the subtle design choices you’ve made and illuminates creative genius. If you don’t have the time or the budget to completely redecorate a room, just choosing the right lighting can make a big difference.

Living Room

The greater part of your time, you would spend it in the living room. It is important to have comfortable lighting there. The lighting has to be functional and easily controllable for example dimmers are ideal for this space. Best way to bring in light into this room is to combine different lights with ceiling lighting for example floor and table lights. Try to avoid fluorescent bulbs in this space as they can bring a sense of coldness. Bring in natural daylight by opening up your curtains and blinds, it is the most beautiful way to bring in light into an interior.


As the kitchen is like a task-focused area it is best to bring in bright light that point down onto the work surfaces for example adding under-unit strip light or spot lights. Another great way to apply this is by bringing in adjustable lighting, like track lighting or recessed adjustable ceiling lighting. Having Pendants above islands and dining tables brings in beauty and functionality.


The bathroom is the most private room in the house. It is like our own private sanctuary where we come to relax, wash and transform ourselves. The worst that you can have in a bathroom is lighting above the mirror. This is where the light shines on your forehead and shadows cast under your eyes, nose and chin. This lighting will disrupt how to apply make-up and shave properly. People should always look best at their own reflection hence why proper lighting in this area is supposed to make you feel better about yourself. To apply this you should bring in wall lights or drop down pendants to add luxury at both sides of the mirror above your sink. For more light have recessed spots or even just an nice ceiling pendant just to add some visual beauty.

Bedroom: As for the bedroom lighting you can find this in “Ways to upgrade your master bedroom” blog.