The Power Of Colour

As interior designers we all can agree that colour is very powerful when it comes to designing a space. Colour affects moods, feelings and emotions. Selecting the correct colour for any space could be difficult at times. To make it easier for yourself just think about what do you want to feel when you enter a space. All colours are based on 2 tones- Warm and Cool. So before you choose a colour for a room, consider the fact that every colour has its own emotional meaning.

Psychology of Colour

Below you will find the most common colours and their meanings, which will help you choose the perfect colour for any space.


This colour is a very emotional colour. Its vibrancy can draw attention from miles away, this is why many road signs are made on a vibrant red background. Red in an interior should be used very carefully as a darker red can trigger aggression or rage. Whereas a lighter red stimulates love, passion and intimacy. This colour is known to raise blood pressure, even boost your metabolism and raise your appetite, which is why many fast food restaurants have the colour red in their interiors.


The colour blue is a favourite of many people which is a less threatening colour. This colour will bring you feelings of calmness, peace and serenity. Although it also created feelings of sadness and loneliness. This colour is great to be used for an office as research has shown that it brings productiveness as well as loyalty and truth. This colour is pretty much the opposite of red. It slows down your metabolism and brings down your appetite.


Sunshine and happiness pretty much sums up this colour. In a space this colour will create a positive environment. It’s a colour that would be used in design to bring warmth, joy and energy.

However people have said that this colour can create feelings of frustration if it is being overused. Yellow has known to make people lose their tempers in a yellow room and make babies cry more frequently.


This colour mainly symbolizes nature. It’s also a strong symbol of fertility and health as it signifies growth and rebirth since the beginning of time. In Ireland this colour also represents luck, a green shamrock symbolises this.

A lighter green has a calming effect, hence why many meditation rooms and “green rooms” in theatres have this colour, it relieves stress and relaxes. It is best to stay away from bright green in a kitchen as this colour is used to portray sickness and nausea.


A colour of motivation, hope and optimism. A perfect colour for a room for someone that could be depressed. Having this colour in home would create so much positivity immediately. It is a warm-hearted colour which promotes socialization and would make you feel more comfortable and accepted in larger groups.