The Build

Catherine’s ambitious decision to relocate to Straffan was because she saw a great deal of opportunity for growth in the village. As a resident walking past the building, she was able to  visualise a lot of potential in the stone exterior and the deceptively large space within. Since the shop opened, it has provided a new heartbeat to the centre of the village and residents are happy to have a tasteful location to enjoy.

The process to turn it into what you see today has taken close to a year to come to fruition, and was made possible by the dedicated efforts of all parties involved.  So many decisions, with a team of 10-15 workmen that work along side Catherine on many projects.  All went seamlessly, very enjoyable project to the end!

Favourite part was selecting the schemes, travelling to Milan, Paris and London to meet with our suppliers. This was dream work any individual, only more exciting for an interior designer and Catherine was constantly inspired by the beautiful pieces she saw on these travels. The interiors shows held around Europe showcase the latest trends from both established designers and young creative new talents.

Creativity and individualism flows through our new premises in Straffan, including our members of staff, and we hope all clients both old and new, enjoy every minute they spend there. There’s a special feeling in the building which needs to be shared with everyone who crosses the threshold.