How I chose our designers

I wanted to open a high end, luxury interior design studio, travelling extensively for inspiration we selected the range now stocked in Quirc Interior Design.  We offer investment pieces that give people choice that will last forever. The reaction has been really positive with many of our pieces getting lots of compliments!

No two pieces of our furniture are the same. They are custom made by excellent craftsmen, not by machines hence their really good quality.

We display art by David Rees.  I met the artist while in London with my daughter Ruby who also loves art.  He signed a painting for her which she treasures and I am delighted to stock his work now. 

We also stock some luxurious accessories for people to buy as gifts.  I saw the Baobab range for the first time while travelling in Paris then saw them in Harrods and loved their style and scent.  I was then told that Kris Jenner from the Kardashian family was a big fan so we have that in common!  Customers love the fact that after the candle has been used, you are left with a Baobab glass to use as an accessory in its own right. 

The La Boujie range are hand-made in Co. Cork and has provided the signature scent in the newly refurbished Adare Manor.  The Millefiori range of candles and diffusers is from Milan and give a special fragrance as well as being a stylish accessory.

As a lover of jewellery and particularly earrings, I chose to stock Soru Jewellery.  The company was set up by 2 British-Sicilian sisters and is inspired by the way Sicilian women adorn themselves for all occasions. Their pieces have been worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Goldie Hawn, Rita Ora and Georgia-May Jagger among others, all stylish women with their own individual look.  We have a lovely display case of Soru products in our store, they make excellent gifts to someone else or to yourself!